This is my first time participating in the Diva’s Weekly Challenge, and it’s a good time to start, since this is her 200th challenge! Congratulations, Laura!

Laura challenged us to a create a monotangle of our go-to tangle, to go end to end of the tile, and to stick the number 200 in somewhere. Since I’m a new tangler, I don’t have any go-to tangle. Instead I used Flux, which I love the look of, but I’ve never tried.



Try as I could, I couldn’t get the look that I’ve seen in other people’s Flux. My tile looks cluttered, and I don’t really like the big black dots at the top left. I tried to tone down the messiness by greying out the circles in the background with shading, and it does look better now :)



  1. Welcome to the challenge! I’m a relative newcomer myself and I, too, am in awe of some of the incredible work that people do and share here. It’s an inspiration that keeps me at my drawing table, learning and growing. Your Mooka is lovely and it’s yours, which makes it perfect. Thanks for sharing it.

    1. Thank you! I agree. I’ve never been interested in drawing until I discovered Zentangle. There’s so much amazing work out there and I can’t stop looking at other people’s work and learning from it. I hope you’ll keep being inspired!

  2. Welcome to Diva Challengelandia. It’s kind of addictive. I’m just starting to work with flux too. It looks easier than it is. Yours is definitely coming along.

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