mirror mirror on the wall

I’ve been learning the official Zentangle tangles one by one, so that I now know quite a few tangles, but haven’t used most of them in a tile. Thus I decided to draw a tile to practise some of them.

Unlike my previous tiles, I didn’t plot which tangles to use or where to put each tangle before starting. I just divided up the tile with a string and filled in each space with a random tangle. The only two tangles I knew I wanted to use were Munchkin, because I love it, and Cadent, because I hadn’t gotten the hang of it yet, but it’s a basic tangle and I wanted to be confident in using it.

Cadent, Crescent Moon, Hollibaugh, Munchin, Nzeppel, Sedgling

Cadent, Crescent Moon, Hollibaugh, Munchin, Nzeppel, Sedgling

I’m most surprised by Nzeppel. I’ve always thought of it as a black image on a white background. But here, I felt the white bubbles were popping towards me, and I shaded it as so. I made a little mistake with Munchkin where I put some lines in directions that I didn’t intend for them to go, but the overall effect is still fine. Also with Cadent, in the upper right, I accidentally shaded the wrong triangle in one of the squares. I then decided to shade the rest of the squares around it the same way, and it looks intentional now! Sedgling was the toughest for me.

I wasn’t intending to use this for a challenge, but just before I posted this, I saw Joey’s Weekly Tangle Challenge #43, where she asked us to draw 4 mirror images of the same design. I cheated, I just used Photoshop to flip the image four ways.

Same tile, mirror imaged

Same tile, mirror imaged

The effect is interesting. The middle with Crescent Moon reminds me of peacock feathers.



  1. Brilliant! If I hadn’t seen it done I would not have thought the effect would be so stunning! Oh the possibilities! Thanks so much for sharing your work!
    ~ joey ~

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