looping a path to calm

Suzy Mosh’s challenge this week invited us to use tangles starting with V that were new to us. I wanted a challenge, so I found four tangles that I did not think would work together, and tried to make them work. I tried twice. I had beautiful variations and tangleations in my head, but I just couldn’t transmit them to paper. And although I know that there are no mistakes in Zentangle, I hated the tiles so much that I threw them away. That’s almost sacilegious in Zentangle, but I was frustrated. I took a break and calmed myself down with a quick shower and a prayer. Then I came back to my table, cut down the tangles to just three, used a super simple string, discarded all variations for just the basic tangles, and came up with this tile.

Vega, Viaduct, Vigne

Vega, Viaduct, Vigne

Looking at this makes me feel calm again. Vigne and Vega are great patterns. Viaduct still looks a little out of place, but that’s no fault of the tangle. Shading gives it depth and in the right tile it would look good.



  1. I think this is just beautiful and I don’t think the Viaduct looks out of place at all. I think it gives strength and structure to the piece. I love how you described your creative process and how stepping back and calming down helped you. As advertised, Zentangle can really affect, and BE affected by your state of mind. Wonderful work and excellent post!

    1. Thank you, Antonine. What you have pointed out, about the mutual relationship between Zentangle and your state of mind, is so true. I believe it is true for any creative pursuit, and it is a beautiful thing.

  2. this is terrific! and I like viaduct here. it looks like little mushrooms growing in the nooks and edges of a tree branch. Vega is a great pattern that i’ve enjoyed playing with, and it’s wonderful here! good work.

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