It’s a String Thing #80 is to use Inaura and Kozy.

Inaura, Kozy

Inaura, Kozy

Both were new tangles to me, and I enjoyed the opportunity to play around with just two tangles in this tile.

After I sent my tile to Adele, I was inspired by her to spend some time with Kozy. Here’s the results of my experimentation:



In the original stepouts, Kozy starts out as lines radiating out from a central point. I thought of it more as a wavy line with “waves” coming out from one end of the line. In this tile, there’s Kozy in a spiral, Kozy with waves from both ends of the line, Kozy with sparkle, Kozy within Kozy, Kozy with alternating thick and thin waves, Kozy on a line with two heads, and Kozy with a variety of fills. In some parts it’s hard to tell it’s still Kozy, but it’s always there.

The great thing is that I know when Adele posts the tiles for the challenge on Monday, there’ll be a whole lot of other Kozy ideas that I haven’t thought of yet!



  1. Hum… I guess I “saw” Kozy in a different light than you did, as I had to hunt for what “I” considered Kozy in your Zentangle. The small bits down and slightly to the right. Too bad my computer won’t let me send attachments at the moment. I want to participate but, oh well. I find your “variations” to Kozy, although very beautiful, to look more like the more “leafy ” types of tangles, or as you say “wavy”. It is very beautiful though, and I love you workmanship.

    1. I think it’s because I saw each arm of Kozy as an individual unit, whereas most people would see all the arms joined together as a unit. It’s a bit hard to explain in words. The different interpretations make Zentangle interesting :) I wish I could see your work!

  2. I so envy people who can envision such imaginative variations…AND execute so well. I liked your first tile and the second is drop-dead gorgeous. I told Adele Kozy has become my new MacNCheese pattern. I just love how it looks and the experience of drawing it.

    1. Thank you Emily! I didn’t really envision anything, I just let my pen roam and tried to make each Kozy a little different from the last. I agree with you, it’s a pattern that I love drawing!

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