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This week’s Diva’s Challenge is to use tools or materials that we’ve never used in tangling. I thought long and hard about this. I thought of watercolours, but I wanted to draw something with a pen. Then I thought of watercolour pencils, but I’ve used them before, albeit only for coloring, not drawing. So I decided to use a new surface to tangle on.

When I was younger, my friends and I used to collect postcards to write messages to each other on. These postcards were found on racks in shopping malls and restaurants, and anybody could take one for free. The front of each card was an advertisement, usually for a product or event or movie. They’re still around, but they’re less commonly seen these days. In the four years that I collected them, I amassed three boxes of postcards.

I got one that advertised Gordon’s London Dry Gin, and tangled on it.

Betweed, Cayke, Jonqal, Sand Swirl, Schway

Betweed, Cayke, Jonqal, Sand Swirl, Schway

I used a black Micron 01, a black Micron 05, and a thick black permanent marker for this. I found I needed thicker lines to make the tangles pop against the busy background, even though the background was mostly in shades of white or grey. I wonder how it would look if I chose a postcard with a more colourful background!



  1. Very nice AND a clever idea. I hope you enjoyed some gin (maybe not Gordon’s) while you tangled this tile. Actually, that might be interesting. Tangle the same tile while under the influence of different types of gin (or other spirits) and compare the results. OK. That’s enough of me being ridiculous. ;-)

    1. Thank you! I don’t drink much, so I didn’t have gin, but I’m sure for other people some gin would add to the zen of tangling. Maybe it would produce a better tile!

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