It’s a String Thing #81 uses two patterns by Lynn Mead, Fassett and Phroz, which is a variation of Fassett.

I was happy to see that we had another duotangle on our hands. Using just one or two tangles in a tile lets you play around with the tangles more and explore more variations. That said, I had some difficulty with this week’s tile. I think I have some difficulties with angular patterns, like these and Paradox.

Although Adele gave us the option of using any tangles we liked, I felt it wouldn’t be It’s a String Thing if I didn’t use the suggested string. Here’s my first attempt.

Fassett, Phroz

Fassett, Phroz

Actually, now that I look at it, it doesn’t look that bad. When I was drawing it though, I just couldn’t figure out how to fill in the spaces in the string, so I left it half-complete. The white space looks quite decent now though!

But I wasn’t happy with that tile, so I drew another one, and this is the one that I’ll be submitting to the challenge.

Fassett, Phroz

Fassett, Phroz

I used the suggested string, although it’s a bit hard to see it here. Many of the variations I used here are the same as the variations in the first tile. They’re just put together differently.



  1. Ha! Ha! Your second tile looks like an owl that’s being bowled over by the wind! See his/her up-side-down head and the tips of his jumbled feathers? I even see a foot sticking up there, near it’s tail? Bet you didn’t know you had drawn an owl, did you? Lovely, fun, action in this one. (Send me a framed copy! Ha! Ha!)

  2. P.S. As for your first one, that’s quite a unique “echo” / “negative” of the inner Star of the string.

    1. Ha! I can just about see the owl now that you say it! He must be hanging upside down from a branch ;) and thanks for the comments about the first one! The negative is there mainly because I gave up on the tile, so it’s funny that it turned out alright.

  3. this is the most unique expression of the String Thing challenge this week,. I love how you sort of “shattered” the string, and have pieces and bits all around. It is aptly named “Shards” Good work!

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