layers of unbatz

The Diva’s Challenge #207 is a Use My Tangle challenge with Unbatz.



I didn’t intend to make this a monotangle, but I kept thinking of new things to do with Unbatz, and I couldn’t stop drawing it! I tried Unbatz with block letter U’s, wavy lines between the U’s, different distances between each U, U’s of different sizes, and W’s instead of U’s. I intended to play with perspective too, but I had so much fun that I forgot all about it until the end!

Unbatz has a wallpaper look, and it would probably make a nice background tangle. There are an infinite number of ways to vary this so it would adapt well to any need.



  1. This is tremendous. I also tried to use different iterations of Unbatz, but the result was not as successful as yours. Even though you said you “forgot” to add some perspective, I can definitely see layers. This works really well.

  2. Oh my, you sure had an unbatzly good time with unbatz. So many variations. I love the one with the block lettering U. Great inspiration for me. thanks for sharing

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