green it up

Here’s another St Patrick’s Day challenge – this time the Diva challenged us to add green to our tiles.

Featherfall, Patena, Y-Not, Zander

Featherfall, Patena, Y-Not, Zander

I used a Uniball Signo UM-151 0.38mm pen in green black to tangle, then added colour with two shades of watercolour pencil. I was nervous about using the watercolour pencils. It always seems that lots of things could go wrong with all that colour and water, and I almost used just a graphite pencil to shade. But finally I decided to take the plunge. On hindsight, this could have benefited from being more green. Oh well, you learn with practice!

The Uniball was an absolute delight to tangle with. It’s smooth, much smoother than the Micron 01, especially since my Micron nibs blunt quickly. The line width is slightly thinner than the Micron 01’s, yet there’s no added scratchiness. It also comes in lots of colours. It’s tempting to use the black version for normal tangling, and to find another pen with a broader nib to colour in dark spaces. The only drawback? It doesn’t have archival ink, unlike the Micron. Is that important? I’m not sure.



    1. Thanks Kate! I should mention some caveats – I blunt Microns easily so I have a low threshold for a “better” pen, and I don’t use official Zentangle tiles whereas Rick and Maria chose the Micron because of how it felt on those tiles. I do like these pens very much though!

  1. “Oh, isn’t it a loverly” (From: My Fair Lady — Paraphrased to present tense) And the info RE: the pens. Thanks! Non-archival ink will fade. For example, black will fade to brown. I “finally” found out that if one really wants to “seal” their paper art properly, one needs to spray on 20 to 25 THIN layers of sealant, (like Krylon” brand.) Each layer going in an opposing direction than the last. For my ZIA gifts I’ve been using only two till now. Two did seem to be um… well kind of pointless, but better than nothing I thought. To my surprize even though Krylon brand is quite reasonable in cost and readily available, even Pro’s use it. I’m keeping your email for reference on the pens.

    1. Thanks Tracy! I’d refer you to the caveats on the pens that I wrote in reply to Kate. And about the sealant – I do have some sealant, but spraying 20-25 layers is too much work for regular tangling! I’ll keep your advice in mind for gifts though.

  2. Really love how you used the green! I received some watercolor pens recently, haven’t dared to use them yet as I’m not sure how. Seeing yours, I might have to try soon!
    As for the archival ink, it all depends what you do with your tiles, sure it will fade or turn brown over time when it’s not archival. The question is how much that will bother you. For me personally it’s more important that I’m enjoying the drawing now then how it looks in 10 years. At least you have the digital version :)

    1. Watercolor pens/pencils are fun! Less messy than actual watercolors. Thanks for the info about the archival ink. I don’t think I’ll look at my drawings in 10 years to be honest!

  3. I actually loved the “less” green shading…your piece is gorgeous! You know how it is…no one else knows your expectations, so we’ll just enjoy what we perceive to be your intentions of a fabulously rendered creation. It’s stunning!

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