quadruple ‘a’s

This week’s It’s a String Thing challenge uses a string by Anne Marks and four tangles beginning with A.

Amoeba, Amphora, Antique, Arrowheads

Amoeba, Amphora, Antique, Arrowheads

Work has been piling up, so my tangling time has diminished. I did this tile after a very enjoyable, but also very long, day at work, and I didn’t have the energy to spend as much time tangling and shading as I would have liked. Still, I gave it my best shot, and the satisfaction of creating something made up for the tiredness.



  1. What a nice variation/accent for Arrowheads. I’ve never done it as I could not think of anything so very boring. But I’m keeping this email that was sent as many people, such as you, made of very beautiful variations of it. Lovely Zentangle!

    1. I thought it was boring as well, but I try to include all the tangles Adele lists each week :) My version isn’t really Arrowheads any more, but it’s at least more interesting!

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