in a whirl

I had some free time, so I did another spiral for my second submission to the Diva’s Weekly Challenge #210.

Dex, Drupe

Dex, Drupe

This satisfied my curiosity on three issues:
1. How to fit a grid-based tangle into a spiral
2. How Dex would look with the black squares in random places (interesting, but the effect would be better with smaller squares)
3. What effect would be produced with Drupe as a background to the spiral

For some in-spiral-tion (sorry, couldn’t resist!), check out this post by Margaret Bremner.



  1. I love your tile. Haven’t seen dex before. ( will be looking it up) my spiral has got cubine in it, works well for these 2 tangles it seems :)

  2. For some reason I like it a lot. However It does not look like you made dark squares in “random” places, All the squares are filled. Doesn’t matter of course, I like it as is . It’s just that you did say “random”, and I was curious too. Now I’ll have to do my own. Tee! Hee!

    1. They’re filled, but I tried to put them in different places in the white squares instead of just putting them in the center. The effect isn’t very pronounced though, which is why I thought the black squares should be smaller so that the difference in position would be more obvious. Thank you for your compliments :)

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