Month: April 2015

can you escape the maze?

The Diva’s Challenge #215 is to tangle using a labyrinth as a string.

What a challenge! I looked at the pages that Laura linked to on how to create your own labyrinth, but I wasn’t in the mood for so much thinking. Instead, I used Google Images to find a picture of one. But even after I got the picture, it took me a while to figure out how I could fit such a complicated string into a tangle and still keep its integrity.

Edit: I’ve just looked at my tile properly, and I realised that this isn’t a labyrinth at all. You can’t get to the centre from the outside! I must have gotten something wrong when I was bordering the lines. Oh well, I tried!

Mooka, Snail, Tipple

Mooka, Snail, Tipple

Mooka is a bit of my nemesis and I don’t often draw it, but I was inspired by Christ Gerstner’s post to attempt Mooka with Tipple. I didn’t use a pencil first like she suggests, but I did get tips on drawing and shading Mooka from her video. I like the results, although all that Tipple blunted the nib of my still pretty new Micron 01!



To celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s 89th birthday and It’s a String Thing’s 89th challenge, Adele challenged us to use four tangles with a royal theme.

Jeewels, Jemz, Knightsbridge, Queen's Crown

Jeewels, Jemz, Knightsbridge, Queen’s Crown

I like it when I meet a tangle that looks complicated, yet it turns out easy when I’m drawing it. Jemz is such a tangle. It looked like it had too many lines and steps, and I worried about getting my diamonds the right size, but in the end it turned out just fine. I think the trick is to think of the resulting shape as an octagon, like Margaret Bremner suggests. Jeewels reminds me a lot of Unyun. The part with the semicircles resembles owls’ eyes to me!

all things beautiful

The Diva’s Challenge #214 celebrates Earth Day.

When I think of the Earth, I picture mountains and seas, forests and deserts, wild animals on land and in the sea. I picture God’s creation, perfectly made, the way He made them from the start. Psalm 104 depicts this well. It is a beautiful poem, but I quote just two verses here that capture the beauty and purposeful order of nature, with all things sustained by their Maker.

He makes springs pour water into the ravines;
it flows between the mountains.
They give water to all the beasts of the field;
the wild donkeys quench their thirst.
Psalm 104: 10-11 (NIV)

Diva Dance, Mumsy, Sand Swirl, Undling

Diva Dance, Mumsy, Sand Swirl, Undling

For this tile, I used four tangles that remind me of various things in nature. Sand Swirl represents the oceans, Undling represents the rolling hills, Diva Dance, which reminds me of wood, represents the trees, and Mumsy represents the flowers.

resurrection day

Good Friday and Easter are my favourite holidays in the calendar. It’s a time for remembering how Jesus suffered and died to pay atonement for our sins, and for celebrating, with fervour, the life we have through his sacrifice. It’s a time of sweet sorrow and jubilant rejoicing.

This Easter, Adele invites us to tangle with four tangles and an easter egg string.

Coaster, CO2, Well, Well-Mooka-Z

Coaster, CO2, Well, Well-Mooka-Z

I won’t lie, I had lots of difficulties with Well-Mooka-Z. Sharyn makes it look beautiful, but I just couldn’t get the loops and the positioning right. Finally I took inspiration from Mooka and drew the loops the way I draw Mooka, with a big round blob at the end. Coaster is tangle I’ve seen frequently on Margaret Bremner’s blog, and I had lots of fun playing with it.

state of flux

Poor little Artoo is sick again this week, but Laura has issued a challenge to tangle with Flux. Flux was featured in the latest Zentangle newsletter and I was surprised to see that the step-outs have never been published online before! I was even more surprised to see that the original version of Flux, Maria’s version, is not the same as the Flux I learnt, which is Rick’s version. I like Rick’s version better though, so that’s what I tangled with today.

Flux, Puf

Flux, Puf

I knew I wanted to put Flux in a ring. The rest of it just emerged on its own. The middle was initially more Puf, but I like some solid black areas in my tiles, so I coloured it in.

I’m starting to get busier, and while I will still try to join in the Diva’s challenge and the String Thing challenge every week, there may be weeks when my tangling will be more sporadic. I’ll try my best, but if finding time to tangle gets too stressful, please forgive my absence.