resurrection day

Good Friday and Easter are my favourite holidays in the calendar. It’s a time for remembering how Jesus suffered and died to pay atonement for our sins, and for celebrating, with fervour, the life we have through his sacrifice. It’s a time of sweet sorrow and jubilant rejoicing.

This Easter, Adele invites us to tangle with four tangles and an easter egg string.

Coaster, CO2, Well, Well-Mooka-Z

Coaster, CO2, Well, Well-Mooka-Z

I won’t lie, I had lots of difficulties with Well-Mooka-Z. Sharyn makes it look beautiful, but I just couldn’t get the loops and the positioning right. Finally I took inspiration from Mooka and drew the loops the way I draw Mooka, with a big round blob at the end. Coaster is tangle I’ve seen frequently on Margaret Bremner’s blog, and I had lots of fun playing with it.



  1. I think you did “Well-Mooka-Z” Just right. It has all the elements. They’re all going in the right direction. You ended up with “Well” in the center of “Mooka” attached to the ends which leaves that cursive “Z” shape as the white space. (That is, if that’s how one makes their “Z’s” !) Beautiful Tile. — Somehow I didn’t see that listed. I only 3. My first making of “Well” had to small of a grid. If I’d finished it, there would have ben a scribble! Tee! Hee!

    1. I didn’t even notice Well and Z in the tangle until you mentioned it. I assumed Z just meant Zentangle! I’d love to see your tiles, Tracy. I can only imagine them from your descriptions!

  2. I absolutely love your take on Coaster. I always think it’s such a sloppy looking pattern. But you’ve made it look elegant by making it bigger, airier, leggier. And the tangleation with co2 — just fabulous!

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