can you escape the maze?

The Diva’s Challenge #215 is to tangle using a labyrinth as a string.

What a challenge! I looked at the pages that Laura linked to on how to create your own labyrinth, but I wasn’t in the mood for so much thinking. Instead, I used Google Images to find a picture of one. But even after I got the picture, it took me a while to figure out how I could fit such a complicated string into a tangle and still keep its integrity.

Edit: I’ve just looked at my tile properly, and I realised that this isn’t a labyrinth at all. You can’t get to the centre from the outside! I must have gotten something wrong when I was bordering the lines. Oh well, I tried!

Mooka, Snail, Tipple

Mooka, Snail, Tipple

Mooka is a bit of my nemesis and I don’t often draw it, but I was inspired by Christ Gerstner’s post to attempt Mooka with Tipple. I didn’t use a pencil first like she suggests, but I did get tips on drawing and shading Mooka from her video. I like the results, although all that Tipple blunted the nib of my still pretty new Micron 01!



  1. Hi! You said something about blunting your Micron nib. Um… Technical pens are different. How do I explain? For example if it won’t “start”, one does not “scrub” the nib on a piece of scratch paper. One uses a small piece of good quality paper, then, holding the pen upright (perpendicular) to the paper, very gently make a tiny swirl/circle in the same tiny area till ink begins to appear. Continue in this same spot with almost no pressure at all, letting the ink that is on the paper draw ink down the nib. Even when drawing, technical pens don’t need pressure to function, but a tiny bit of space for air to flow in as the ink flows out..There is no “ball” to push out of the way to let the ink out as with a ballpoint pen. Even when filling spaces with ink, don’t push down on the nib, but gently let it flow/float across the area to be filled with ink. Hum… I hope I am understandable.As a Drafter they taught us to avoid tilting the pen “at all”, and to never use one for writing words in cursive. Does that help? In all intent to be helpful, Yours Truly, Tracy.

    1. That is very helpful to me, Tracy! I am so used to using a ball point and I have been challenged by the felt tip of the micron pens. I look forward to using my pens more effectively and respectfully in the future! -Holly

    2. Thanks Tracy, that is helpful! I knew you had to draw lightly but I never knew the theory behind it. I hold my pen 90 degrees to the paper, but I do find it difficult to draw control the pen when I draw lightly. I’ll try to be more conscientious about it.

  2. I love that you used just a few, very well-done patterns. I think that your “mooka” looks lovely! Don’t think of it as a nemesis- you are just adding your own touch and style to the tangle.

  3. Your work is absolutely wonderful, I have not yet tried mooka…and yours is so effective with the tipple in it. I know what you mean about the labyrinth…but I just think of it as a symbolic or representational piece of art depicting a beautiful philosophy from the past and because yours is so lovely it has more than done the job! Gorgeous!

    1. Mooka needs practice, but I think I am finally starting to get the hang of it after many attempts. I’ll have to go read up more about labyrinths, I’m reminded more of the Minotaur than of any philosophy ;) Thanks for your kind words!

  4. This WAS a difficult challenge, actually it hit the highest marks on my difficulty scale, but you did a fantastic job and created something incredibly beautiful!

  5. Love your labyrinth. Looks to me like you nailed it on the head. Your Mooka is delicate and flowing, so I don’t think it’s your nemesis anymore. Beautiful tile!

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