It’s a String Thing

my loopy umbrella

Here’s another tile, this time courtesy of It’s a String Thing #87. It used two deceptively simple looking tangles!

'Brella, Loop

‘Brella, Loop

I appreciated the simplicity of this week’s string. The tile reminds me of a frog, with the black loops at the side resembling a frog’s eyes!


resurrection day

Good Friday and Easter are my favourite holidays in the calendar. It’s a time for remembering how Jesus suffered and died to pay atonement for our sins, and for celebrating, with fervour, the life we have through his sacrifice. It’s a time of sweet sorrow and jubilant rejoicing.

This Easter, Adele invites us to tangle with four tangles and an easter egg string.

Coaster, CO2, Well, Well-Mooka-Z

Coaster, CO2, Well, Well-Mooka-Z

I won’t lie, I had lots of difficulties with Well-Mooka-Z. Sharyn makes it look beautiful, but I just couldn’t get the loops and the positioning right. Finally I took inspiration from Mooka and drew the loops the way I draw Mooka, with a big round blob at the end. Coaster is tangle I’ve seen frequently on Margaret Bremner’s blog, and I had lots of fun playing with it.

spring has sprung

It’s a String Thing #85 celebrates spring with several light, organic patterns – Mumsy, Printemps and Kelp. It’s funny that I’ve never used Printemps before despite frequently doodling it on the sides of my pages. I have used Scoodle though, which is Printemps without the sparkle.

Kelp, Mumsy, Printemps

Kelp, Mumsy, Printemps

I tried out something new this time. I used Kelp along the string line, then totally ignored the string as I drew Mumsy, and then coloured in Mumsy and added Printemps according to the string borders. The tile looks somewhat Japanese to me!

quadruple ‘a’s

This week’s It’s a String Thing challenge uses a string by Anne Marks and four tangles beginning with A.

Amoeba, Amphora, Antique, Arrowheads

Amoeba, Amphora, Antique, Arrowheads

Work has been piling up, so my tangling time has diminished. I did this tile after a very enjoyable, but also very long, day at work, and I didn’t have the energy to spend as much time tangling and shading as I would have liked. Still, I gave it my best shot, and the satisfaction of creating something made up for the tiredness.


In celebration of St Patrick’s Day, It’s a String Thing #83 involves a clover-shaped string and some clover-inspired tangles.

Lucky, Sh'rock

Lucky, Sh’rock

When I practised Sh’rock before doing this tile, I couldn’t get it right. But while I was doing the tile, possibilities started opening themselves up to me, and I got into a nice Sh’rock groove. Also, it felt ironic tangling Lucky on Friday the 13th!


It’s a String Thing #81 uses two patterns by Lynn Mead, Fassett and Phroz, which is a variation of Fassett.

I was happy to see that we had another duotangle on our hands. Using just one or two tangles in a tile lets you play around with the tangles more and explore more variations. That said, I had some difficulty with this week’s tile. I think I have some difficulties with angular patterns, like these and Paradox.

Although Adele gave us the option of using any tangles we liked, I felt it wouldn’t be It’s a String Thing if I didn’t use the suggested string. Here’s my first attempt.

Fassett, Phroz

Fassett, Phroz

Actually, now that I look at it, it doesn’t look that bad. When I was drawing it though, I just couldn’t figure out how to fill in the spaces in the string, so I left it half-complete. The white space looks quite decent now though!

But I wasn’t happy with that tile, so I drew another one, and this is the one that I’ll be submitting to the challenge.

Fassett, Phroz

Fassett, Phroz

I used the suggested string, although it’s a bit hard to see it here. Many of the variations I used here are the same as the variations in the first tile. They’re just put together differently.


It’s a String Thing #80 is to use Inaura and Kozy.

Inaura, Kozy

Inaura, Kozy

Both were new tangles to me, and I enjoyed the opportunity to play around with just two tangles in this tile.

After I sent my tile to Adele, I was inspired by her to spend some time with Kozy. Here’s the results of my experimentation:



In the original stepouts, Kozy starts out as lines radiating out from a central point. I thought of it more as a wavy line with “waves” coming out from one end of the line. In this tile, there’s Kozy in a spiral, Kozy with waves from both ends of the line, Kozy with sparkle, Kozy within Kozy, Kozy with alternating thick and thin waves, Kozy on a line with two heads, and Kozy with a variety of fills. In some parts it’s hard to tell it’s still Kozy, but it’s always there.

The great thing is that I know when Adele posts the tiles for the challenge on Monday, there’ll be a whole lot of other Kozy ideas that I haven’t thought of yet!

puffy pods

Finally, a non-heart challenge! This week’s It’s a String Thing #79 used four tangles that were new to me, including two grid-based tangles.

Buttercup, Inapod, Pozer, Puf

Buttercup, Inapod, Pozer, Puf

When I saw the string, my first thought was that the loop was in a nice spot for a dewdrop. I made a dewdrop with Puf, but it doesn’t look right somehow. I’m not sure if it’s because I didn’t contrast the sizes enough, or if it’s the shading of the dewdrop.

Inapod may end up being a favourite. It takes up space so quickly, has contrast built into it, and looks so cute!