peaks border

mathematical braids

A non-Zentangle based craft challenge that I take part in recently challenged us to create something to reflect a mathematical braid. A mathematical braid is made up of any number of strings that travel from one point down to another, but never travel upward again. They may intertwine, but they don’t have to.

This was my first tile. I hadn’t grasped the concept of a mathematical braid, so I just did a normal braid, with three strands going over and under each other.

20150107 Braid

Bridgen, Peaks Border, Scoodle, W2

Then I realised that in a mathematical braid, the strands don’t have to intertwine! So I did another tile with strands in the middle that don’t intertwine, with Punzel in the periphery, that has four strands that do intertwine.

20150111 Braid 2

Punzel, Quib, Static, Tipple

I actually tried using Cadent at the left, but I felt Punzel didn’t stand out against Cadent, so I blacked out the area instead. Now I wish I used shading to help Punzel stand out. Shading saves everything!