state of flux

Poor little Artoo is sick again this week, but Laura has issued a challenge to tangle with Flux. Flux was featured in the latest Zentangle newsletter and I was surprised to see that the step-outs have never been published online before! I was even more surprised to see that the original version of Flux, Maria’s version, is not the same as the Flux I learnt, which is Rick’s version. I like Rick’s version better though, so that’s what I tangled with today.

Flux, Puf

Flux, Puf

I knew I wanted to put Flux in a ring. The rest of it just emerged on its own. The middle was initially more Puf, but I like some solid black areas in my tiles, so I coloured it in.

I’m starting to get busier, and while I will still try to join in the Diva’s challenge and the String Thing challenge every week, there may be weeks when my tangling will be more sporadic. I’ll try my best, but if finding time to tangle gets too stressful, please forgive my absence.


puffy pods

Finally, a non-heart challenge! This week’s It’s a String Thing #79¬†used four tangles that were new to me, including two grid-based tangles.

Buttercup, Inapod, Pozer, Puf

Buttercup, Inapod, Pozer, Puf

When I saw the string, my first thought was that the loop was in a nice spot for a dewdrop. I made a dewdrop with Puf, but it doesn’t look right somehow. I’m not sure if it’s because I didn’t contrast the sizes enough, or if it’s the shading of the dewdrop.

Inapod may end up being a favourite. It takes up space so quickly, has contrast built into it, and looks so cute!