resurrection day

Good Friday and Easter are my favourite holidays in the calendar. It’s a time for remembering how Jesus suffered and died to pay atonement for our sins, and for celebrating, with fervour, the life we have through his sacrifice. It’s a time of sweet sorrow and jubilant rejoicing.

This Easter, Adele invites us to tangle with four tangles and an easter egg string.

Coaster, CO2, Well, Well-Mooka-Z

Coaster, CO2, Well, Well-Mooka-Z

I won’t lie, I had lots of difficulties with Well-Mooka-Z. Sharyn makes it look beautiful, but I just couldn’t get the loops and the positioning right. Finally I took inspiration from Mooka and drew the loops the way I draw Mooka, with a big round blob at the end. Coaster is tangle I’ve seen frequently on Margaret Bremner’s blog, and I had lots of fun playing with it.