can you escape the maze?

The Diva’s Challenge #215 is to tangle using a labyrinth as a string.

What a challenge! I looked at the pages that Laura linked to on how to create your own labyrinth, but I wasn’t in the mood for so much thinking. Instead, I used Google Images to find a picture of one. But even after I got the picture, it took me a while to figure out how I could fit such a complicated string into a tangle and still keep its integrity.

Edit: I’ve just looked at my tile properly, and I realised that this isn’t a labyrinth at all. You can’t get to the centre from the outside! I must have gotten something wrong when I was bordering the lines. Oh well, I tried!

Mooka, Snail, Tipple

Mooka, Snail, Tipple

Mooka is a bit of my nemesis and I don’t often draw it, but I was inspired by Christ Gerstner’s post to attempt Mooka with Tipple. I didn’t use a pencil first like she suggests, but I did get tips on drawing and shading Mooka from her video. I like the results, although all that Tipple blunted the nib of my still pretty new Micron 01!


mathematical braids

A non-Zentangle based craft challenge that I take part in recently challenged us to create something to reflect a mathematical braid. A mathematical braid is made up of any number of strings that travel from one point down to another, but never travel upward again. They may intertwine, but they don’t have to.

This was my first tile. I hadn’t grasped the concept of a mathematical braid, so I just did a normal braid, with three strands going over and under each other.

20150107 Braid

Bridgen, Peaks Border, Scoodle, W2

Then I realised that in a mathematical braid, the strands don’t have to intertwine! So I did another tile with strands in the middle that don’t intertwine, with Punzel in the periphery, that has four strands that do intertwine.

20150111 Braid 2

Punzel, Quib, Static, Tipple

I actually tried using Cadent at the left, but I felt Punzel didn’t stand out against Cadent, so I blacked out the area instead. Now I wish I used shading to help Punzel stand out. Shading saves everything!