green it up

Here’s another St Patrick’s Day challenge – this time the Diva challenged us to add green to our tiles.

Featherfall, Patena, Y-Not, Zander

Featherfall, Patena, Y-Not, Zander

I used a Uniball Signo UM-151 0.38mm pen in green black to tangle, then added colour with two shades of watercolour pencil. I was nervous about using the watercolour pencils. It always seems that lots of things could go wrong with all that colour and water, and I almost used just a graphite pencil to shade. But finally I decided to take the plunge. On hindsight, this could have benefited from being more green. Oh well, you learn with practice!

The Uniball was an absolute delight to tangle with. It’s smooth, much smoother than the Micron 01, especially since my Micron nibs blunt quickly. The line width is slightly thinner than the Micron 01’s, yet there’s no added scratchiness. It also comes in lots of colours. It’s tempting to use the black version for normal tangling, and to find another pen with a broader nib to colour in dark spaces. The only drawback? It doesn’t have archival ink, unlike the Micron. Is that important? I’m not sure.